We are currently on a bit of a catering hiatus as we are in a transition period with our restaurants during construction on the new Travail building for the first half of 2019. You may still reach out to us, but for the most part we are not offering catering unless it is a perfect fit.


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Your Name
If you have an exact date and timeframe - great! If not, at least give us a range of time you're thinking (i.e. a weekend in March, between Sept-Oct, etc.)
Do you already have a venue? If not where do you hope to host your event? Are you looking to host your event at Travail?
Corporate, Wedding, Social Hour, Anniversary, etc.
If you're working within a certain budget let us know, it is really helpful to have a place for us to start.
Please let us know a little about the event and any additional information that might be useful.


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