Our Services

Events will generally be a mixture of the services below to best accommodate your guests.


Interactive Stations

Create a culinary playground where our chef teams will present courses at various interactive food stations peppered throughout the space. Guests are invited to watch the chef's process unfold before them and engage with the food in an up-close manner. The playfulness of this dining concept nurtures a lively spirit and strengthens the sense of community through shared experience.


Buffet Line

For more of a classic feel, we'll happily implement a grand buffet line where your guests can fill up a plate and head to their seats or mingle about at their leisure. Tradition works for a reason! Our team will be on site to serve at the buffet and make sure everything goes smoothly.


Bar Station

In addition to beer and wine, your guests can sip on some of our favorite signature craft cocktails, served with a lil bit of showmanship inspired by the natural wonders of nitro, smoke infusion techniques, and more. We'll serve your favorites or recommend the best flavors to complement the menu.



We can scale your event in numerous ways, making sure no guest goes hungry.


Cocktail Hour

We'll curate a menu with smaller bites to knock out that raging hanger with a more grab-and-go feel.


Apps + Meal

Start with a few quick bites along with some more heavy-hitting, full-belly courses.


A Baller Meal

At this level you can expect a stretchy-pants-worthy event with some baller, higher-end ingredients. Go big, then go home and tend to that food coma.


Let's Go Crazy!

Inquire and reach for the stars. We'll pull out all the stops for a mind-bending culinary extravaganza with top-of-the-line product and wild presentation.