So, what's on the menu?

When curating a menu for your event, courses generally fit into the categories below. We can then manipulate quantities, how lavish the ingredients are, etc. 



People will whip out their cameras for this course. Using one of our favorite crowd-pleasing culinary techniques, we'll wow the room with bites like Passion Fruit Fluff Bowsers or Make-Your-Own Dippin Dots with nitro.



Where's the beef! Watch our chefs butcher on the spot and demonstrate our latest chef toys like the infamous BONE CRUSHER to show the process of courses like Chicken Crush Herb Jus. Or taste something a little more rich like Seared Scallops with Creamy Polenta, Parmesan foam, Garlic Chips, and Parsley.



The bread and the potatoes of the meal are an easy go-to for kids and old farts alike. We'll dress it up to make some of the best damn freshly handmade Gnocchi with Black Truffle, Peas, Pea Shoots, Potato Skin Crunch, and Parmesan.



Using the latest and greatest produce of the season, your carnivore friends will forget about meat for a hot second with a course like Grilled Asparagus Ramp Hollandaise. Our bounty may even be as local as our own Travailian garden.



Street Food

Our street food menu items will be the kind of bites that keep people coming back for more. The undeniably savory, delicious kind that pair well with a drink in hand. Think grilled Korean short ribs on the Konro grill or even Lamb Loin with Spiced Yogurt, Rosemary Jus, and Micro Radish.



Go fishing for prosciutto, pancetta, and other cured meats or some of our favorite curated cheeses. This Travail classic can move throughout the space or present itself as a more abstract installation piece that'll bring out the giddy, curious kid in all of us. 



We're gettin' weird! Meat and potatoes are great and all, but the real fun comes from putting your trust in our chefs' hands and trying something new or different. Give in to the Hamachi with Shaved Lemon, Pancetta Kewpie, Pancetta, and Micro Celery.



Keeping it short and sweet: a Banana Split Bar... with Crème Anglaise, Cherries, Hot Fudge, Carmel Sauce, Crushed Pineapple, Whipped Cream, and Peanuts. (okay so not so short-and-sweet after all)